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Competition Winners

2013*      Arne Weingart, "Recursion"  (T. R. Hummer, judge)2013*      Matthew Byrne, Silent Partner
2012        Jude Nutter, "Fossil Hunting at John Lennon Airport, Liverpool"  (Michael Collier) 2012       Jane Schapiro, Mrs. Cave’s House
2011        Charles Atkinson, "No Big Thing" (Scott Cairns)2011       Sydney Lea, Mahayana in Vermont 
2010        Josh Rathkamp, "Once Every Year, in Jatinga" (X. J. Kennedy)2010       Steve Lautermilch, Rim
2009        Dean Rader, "Hesiod in Oklahoma, 1934" (Kelly Cherry)2009       Kathleen Spivack,  A History of Yearning
2008        Becky Sakellariou, “Bone” (Eleanor Wilner) 2008        Maureen Seaton,  America Loves Carney
2007        Andrea Potos, “Bread” (Marge Piercy) 2007        Amy Lemmon,  Fine Motor
2006        Martin Galvin, “Cream” (Linda Pastan) 2006        Charles Wyatt,  A Girl Sleeping
2005        Mary Elizabeth Parker, “Pocosins and The Pines of Rome” (Gregory Orr) 2005        Charles Atkinson,  Because We Are Men
2004        S. K. Carew, “Bride of Dream Man” (Robert Siegel) 2004        Gayle Elen Harvey,  Vanishing Points
2003        Harry Humes, “My Ravine” (Elizabeth Spires) 2003        Lynne Knight,  Deer in Berkeley
2002        Jeanne Emmons, “Bathsheba Bathing” (Vivian Shipley) 2002        Jeffrey Ethan Lee,  The Sylf
2001        Lisa Rhodes, “Dark Field” (Dabney Stuart) 2001        Melissa Fondakowski,  Impatiens
2000        Jerry McGuire, “The Nicknames” (Molly Peacock) 2000        Andrea Carter Brown,  Brook & Rainbow
1999        Richard Hague, “Poem About Time, With Lions” (Henry Taylor) 1999        Anna Leahy,  Hagioscope
1998        Rachel Contreni, “Grief” (Maggie Anderson) 1998        Elizabeth Rees,  Balancing China
1997        Russell Clay, “The Symmetry of Curses” (Robert Morgan) 1997        Floyd Skloot,  Bittersweet Nightshade
1996        Margaret Rabb, “Low Owl Illusion” (Betsy Sholl) 1996        Gary J. Whitehead,  Walking Back to Providence
1995        Elton Glaser, “Two Drink Minimum” (Rodney Jones) 1995        Peter Meinke,  Campocorto
1994        Ruth Anderson Barnett, “Beach Glass” (David Huddle) 1994        Carole Bernstein,  And Stepped Away from the Circle
1993        William Morgan, “Carnal Knowledge” (Josephine Jacobsen)
1993        Ioanna-Veronika Warwick,  No Longer Mine
1992    Christianne Balk, “The Breeze Nudges the Junipers, Promising” (Amy Clampitt) 1992        Philip Terman, What Survives
1991    Leonard Kress, “Anonymous Church Mural, Kensington: Martyrdom of Our Lord”and Sue Ellen Thompson, “What I Wanted” (Dave Smith)
1990        Ioanna-Veronika Warwick, “Moje Serce” (Fred Chappell)
1989        Cathy Stern, “August: On the Texas Coast” (judged by editors)
1988        Diane Robinson, “Easter Bread” (judged by editors)
*Year of contest.  Winning poem is published in the Review in the following year. *Year of contest.  Winning chapbook is published in the following  year and distributed as the spring issue of the Review.
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